Has this blog "jumped the shark?"

I hope not. I’m trying to make it interesting. If you’ve never tried something like this you may not realize how much “work” writing every day can be. Not news writing, most of the time that’s not too hard. Creative writing, there’s a challenge.

My screenplay for example. It’s been 15 years since I came up with the idea and finished the treatment. I had dreamed that by now the film would be complete and I’d be living off the royalties from all of the home video Beta tapes it would sell. (just kidding, it’s not THAT old).

Now the actors I had picked out to play the parts would have to play the parts of their original character’s parents.

It’s been busy. I have one project that is due next week and there’s a lot to be done. Another project will start when that one is complete and another one will have to get going soon after. The kids are out for Spring Break this week so at least part of each day is keeping them from hurting each other out of boredom. Today our “field trip” was to the post office, a client’s office, Sams Club and, for extra credit, the library.

By the way, I’m still driving slow and saving on gasoline. NBC reported tonight that the price will reach record highs this summer of more than $2.50/gallon nationwide, that probably means about $2.25 here in the midsouth. It isn’t the slower speeds that saves on gas, it’s the lower rpm. If you rev your engine every time you pull out of a driveway or away from a redlight, you’re burning it up. I’m no environmentalist (not a radical wacko one anyway) but I love saving money.


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