Guaranteed Way to Save A Ton of $$$

I just saw a segment on the NBC Nightly News about gas prices and how much higher they will go this summer. On my trip to Birmingham gas prices were right around $2/gallon. But on this trip, I saved $40 on gas!

Here’s the deal. I drive a Dodge Ram with a Hemi. It’s a big truck and I normally get about 14.1 miles to the gallon. I have one of those computers which tells you your gas mileage and how many miles you have left in the tank before you run out.

Before I left the computer said I had 177 miles before running out of gas. Birmingham, or just to the north where my parents live, is 256 miles. I decided to try an experiment. Instead of driving 70-80 mph I set the cruise control at 60.

Now, let me say it takes some getting used to driving that slow. Cars and trucks whizzed by us all the way down Highway 78. But after awhile, I got used to it. When I got to Birmingham, my computer said I still had 100 miles left on my tank. It also showed that I was getting 21.8 miles to the gallon!

Normally, I would fill my tank in DeSoto County and make it the 256 miles before having to fill up again. This time, I made it home, filled the tank to about 3/4 full and drove around Birmingham to some meetings and then driving all the way back to Memphis. Instead of buying 2 1/2 tanks of gas, I bought 1 1/2.

I know what you’re thinking…”how long did it take to make the drive?” I was surprised that it only took about 40 minutes longer each way. That’s well worth the money I saved.

Tonight’s “Nightly” story reported the reason for the gas price increase is demand. Americans are using more gasoline than ever before. It’s no wonder with so many SUV’s flying down the road getting 12-13 mpg.

I wrote of the need for some media outlet to start promoting carpooling. They should promote the savings in driving slower too!


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