new look by accident

Sorry. I was screwing around with the template of this website and sort of lost the old way of doing it, changed the template and might just keep this new look.

I know nothing about html so anytime I go into the settings it’s an adventure. I’d like to add links to other blogs that I read, add a paypal button so you folks with paying jobs can toss me a quarter every now and again. But I don’t know how! I’ll probably keep tinkering, meaning the look may change more than an anchorlady’s hairstyle.

Cameron’s got the flu now and she’ got it pretty bad. So I was Mr. Mom all day today, getting the kids up and ready and fed before school. Carpool in the a.m., carpool in the p.m. Fixing lunches and dinner and trying to get a little work done too.

The President was in town today and I intended to watch and listen to the entire broadcast of his speech, but wasn’t anywhere near a television. I’m off to Birmingham for the next few days to shoot a story for the ACTS Network. I’ll try to blog, about what who knows? Maybe Birmingham television news???


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