Flu Day 6

Both kids are home again with the flu. Cameron had a meeting so I’m running the infirmary.

If you ever think of going into business for yourself, try to never get sick. Wash your hands, take vitamin C and drink plenty of liquids (gin doesn’t count). One of the things that I miss most about ‘working for the man’ is ‘the man’ provides insurance for pharmaceuticals. Without that little blue card, medicine is a killer on the pocketbook.

For instance, Delaney’s TamiFlu the other night cost $35 for half a prescription. We’ve got to get a refill on Tussi-12 and that’s another 40 or 50 dollars. I have a pharmacy discount card through the Methodist Church, but that doesn’t do any good at all. In fact, with that card the TamiFlu would have been more expensive! Imagine getting a savings card that actually increases the cost. I did a story on the UMC card when they first distributed it a couple of years ago, I wish I had been able to find out that little nugget of information back then. I wonder how many Methodists are walking around paying more for medicine because they’ve got the card. Geesh.

Got a call this morning from the Promise Keepers organization. They found a posting that I had written a couple of weeks ago on divorce among people who go to church. The divorce rate among church-goers is actually the same as for non-church goers. Anyway, Promise Keepers wants to post my post on their website.

Speaking of blogs, one of my daily “must reads” has been down since last weekend. Mike Hollihan who runs “Half-Bakered” had been having some internet problems and that’s probably why he hasn’t posted since last Friday. Mike, I miss it. Hope you’re back up and at it soon.

Well, time to check on the kids. It’s time for Motrin or Tylenol again.


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  1. mike

    Jamey, you’re too kind. I’ve been down mostly due to a recurrence of the “crisis of confidence” problem that afflicts me like athlete’s foot — never goes away completely and flares up unexpectedly. Once I get thrown off my stride like this it’s hard to get back on again. Hopefully, this weekend….

    The money problem was more general. I’ve been unemployed off and on most of last year and this. No one’s fault but my own, but I precipitated an unnecessary crisis.

    On another topic, the post next to this about Terry Heaton’s blog and the future of television news is spot on. It’s going the way of commercial radio, and just like with music, the internet is going to fill the need. Television news is too blatantly about advertising and eyeballs. I can’t stand watching a 5PM report from City Hall only to see, five minutes later, a tease for another, related report I have to tune in for at 6PM. As soon as someone figures out a viable Internet alternative to local news (and there are a couple of models being tried), they are as dead as having to buy CDs.

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