Familiar Face on “Simple Life”

I can’t believe how bad “Simple Life” is on FOX. Horrible. But tonight after my “American Idol” tape ended, I saw a familiar face on the show with Nicole and Paris.

Harold Fisher, a former colleague of mine is anchoring the morning news in Baltimore on Fox 45 or 54. Harold was the weekend anchor in Huntsville when I anchored mornings. One of the funniest bloopers I’ve ever seen was with Harold on the desk turning from one camera to the other and then back and then back for what seemed like 5 minutes. The director, trying to guess where he was going to look kept taking the other camera at exactly the moment Harold looked at it. I wish I still had that tape.

My interview with Oliver North went well. I listened to about half of his speech which was inspiring and motivational. I know he raised a lot of money tonight for the Boy Scouts.

He was very cordial in the interview, answering all of my questions with fascinating opinions and insight. Col. North is a very strong Christian man with great respect for the founders of this country and especially for the men and women fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. We talked about the faith of soldiers and this generation that’s fighting two wars. The story will be sent to churches this spring for Memorial Day services.

This was a busy day. Delaney and Trey were home with the flu. I shot a training video this morning and finished editing it tonight before leaving for the interview with Col. North.

The kids will probably be home again tomorrow, both were running a fever when they went to bed.

Simple Life is still on…what a cruddy show. Who thinks these two girls are the least bit interesting? The production value is lousy, the plots are so contrived, I can’t believe this show is still on the air. But it was cool seeing Harold again.


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