We’ve got the flu

Trey complained of a sore throat Saturday morning, Cameron took him to the doctor and they sent him home saying it was a virus and there wasn’t anything they could give him. A few hours later, we realized it was the flu.

He’s been running a fever and coughing for the past two days and we can’t get the doctor to prescribe Tamiflu, so he’s just riding it out.

I hate to see my kids sick. It makes me wonder how those parents with kids at St. Jude manage to deal with what they’re dealing with. My child has the flu and I know in a few days he’ll be back to normal, they don’t.

A couple friend of ours has a young son at St. Jude. They’re in our Sunday School class and their faith and attitude has been unbelievable. I can’t imagine how it must feel to see your child that sick and not knowing how or if they’ll recover.

Say a prayer tonight for those kids and their parents at St. Jude.


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