The Oscars

Love the Oscars, but I’m a bit ashamed that I’ve only seen 3 of the movies with any nominations tonight. Not just for “Best Picture” but for any awards. The ones I’ve seen? “The Incredibles” and “Shrek 2”. I would have only seen those two but I watched “Super Size Me” last night.

I liked that movie. If you see it on DVD don’t miss the extra bonus footage of the “burning fries”. After we all watched it last night, Delaney, my 5 year old said she didn’t want to eat at McDonalds anymore. Now THAT’S a powerful movie!

I couldn’t help thinking about the film making aspect of the movie such as how they shot in a McDonalds restaurant without permission and without getting sued?

With 3 kids, Cameron and I don’t get to movies anymore. We see them at home on the big-screen and with surround sound, but not at the theatre. I think the last movie we saw without kids at a theatre was “The Blair Witch Project”. No fooling, that’s just sad.

Chris Rock is doing a good job, his ad libs are great, like when the guy who got an Oscar didn’t get to thank anyone because his friend hogged the spotlight for too long. As the music faded up and the director killed his microphone, Rock said “Awww Man! You gave him the Oscar on stage! Man, next year they’re going to give some Oscars in the parking lot. Just drive through….here’s your McFlurry and your Oscar”. Good stuff.

Billy Crystal is still my favorite Oscar host, but I think Rock is better than Whoopie and Letterman.


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