Sweeps Pt Deux

Who needs a tater tot when you can be part of the news yourself?

I’m not going to comment on any of the latest stunts at one of the stations in Memphis, but doesn’t anyone think it’s at least a little interesting that this type of thing only happens in February, May or November?

Anytime you can get a headline on the front page of the morning paper, you’re making people watch. That affects the bottom line, which is all that is important.

A few years ago another reporter was caught by airport police after going through an “Authorized Only” door. That also happened during sweeps.
It’s like you hear the kids say to their parents “Hey, watch this!” Gotta make people watch.

I haven’t seen the video (don’t watch them anymore) so I can’t offer an opinion on any of the latest twists (of course no one is asking for my opinion either).

For me, I finished up one project, shot on another and will be shooting on another this weekend. Busy, and that’s good.

I picked up a few DVDs today to hopefully watch this weekend. “SuperSize Me”, “Touch of Evil”, “A Mighty Wind” and “Next Stop Wonderland”. A doc, a classic, a spoof and a romantic comedy, how’s that for variety?



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2 responses to “Sweeps Pt Deux

  1. mike

    You’re gonna love “Mighty Wind.” It has a “will they or won’t they” story in it that builds to a surprisingly powerful and touching moment. Tell me if the final singalong to the title song doesn’t have you joining in. Make sure to watch the extras for the “Children of the Sun” (IIRC) video, which is a perfect parody of the songs and bands of the era.

  2. jamey tucker

    I’ve never been a huge folk music fan, I can tolerate it, but don’t have any in my collection.
    This is my third look at Mighty Wind and it’s right up there with Best In Show, Waiting for Guffman, and Spinal Tap.

    I’m watching Touch of Evil and Super Size me tonight.

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