The Jackson 12

So they’ve seated a jury in the Michael Jackson trial. 4 men, 8 women, no children (sorry about that Mike). But the question is, how did the defense team not get one African Americans on the jury? Not one!

Would that have helped Michael? I thought it would and so apparently did some members of the media that asked the same question.

What’s really surprising to me though is how some potential jurors blew their chances of being chosen. Take this woman who, during questioning said she doubted Jackson would ever get a fair trial. “How can he get a fair trial anywhere when even the ex-sheriff of Santa Barbara gets on TV and tells the world he is a child molester?” The woman, who is a former corrections officer then said “A jury of your peers? How is this man going to get it here?”

Tip: If you want to be chosen as a juror, don’t tick off the judge or the attorneys. Don’t you know that woman’s husband put his head in his hands and started weeping.

You want to be on this jury. I’d want to be on this jury. Every member of the jury to decide the Michael Jackson case will get book deals out of the kazoo. They don’t have to be good writers. They don’t have to even pay that much attention during the trial. They don’t even have to speak English. One week after the verdict we’ll see these headlines: “Michael Jackson Jury Member signs 100 Gazillion Dollar Book Deal”.

That’s the way of the world these days. Publishers understand bottom lines and nothing affects the bottom line like a book written by a jury member of a high profile case. Remember O.J.? Jurors made a wheel barrel full of cash for their “behind the scenes” reflections.

And what’s the deal with how these jurors were selected? Granted it was going to be impossible to find 12 jurors who knew nothing about the case, who didn’t know perhaps the biggest celebrity since Elvis, but they put a woman on the jury who’s sister was raped as a child! Another has a grandson who is a registered sex offender.

No blacks were chosen for the jury and I understand it’s because there were only a few blacks in the pool of prospective jurors. Apparently there aren’t many African Americans who live in Santa Barbara County, it’s 70% white and only 2.3% black, but if Michael Jackson is convicted of this crime the defense team will have no defense for the certain outcry from African Americans about why blacks had no representation on the jury.


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