Must Be Sweeps Month

Thanks to the folks at WBNS in Columbus, Ohio who are informing their viewers about what may become a serious problem in high schools. A 15 year old boy has been arrested and charged with shoving a potato into another boy’s face.

An investigative reporter no doubt uncovered the truth behind this story. Seems the 15 year old asked the other for his baked potato during lunch. When the victim refused, he had the spud pushed into his face.

Wow. This kind of thing should not be tolerated in our schools. Let’s call the cops and have the boy charged with felonious assault and have him suspended from Edison Junior High.

Good thing I went to school when I did or I’d be on death row! Wouldn’t you love for this to happen in Memphis? That way one of the local stations could be on our side with tips on how parents can protect their children from attacks with a tater. Another station could have a reporter standing in front of a dark and empty school with a potato in hand, depicting what this horrible event must have looked like to the victim. “Imagine someone shoving this potato in your face! For one young boy, he didn’t have to imagine it…it happened.”

But no. In Memphis the big stories happened before the sweeps period began. The “mayor is my baby daddy” story happened just before sweeps and then, nothing. The budget cuts are a big story, but it’s now reached the ‘dead horse’ point but is still being beaten. There hasn’t been any bad weather to scare us into watching and so far, I haven’t seen a special report or series that have been that special.

Stations want and need big stories during ratings now more than ever. Years ago (in another market) I had a general manager tell me “don’t you wish a tornado would hit somewhere in our market on the first day of the book?” The news just isn’t interesting enough for people to make an appointment to tune in night after night. With the internet being such a popular way to get our headlines now, stations need “breaking news” and “severe weather” now more than ever.

But I’ll bet they’d settle for a boy armed with a potato.


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  1. mike

    You gotta wonder about schools. When I was in fifth grade we had a massive schoolyard fight — punching and hitting hard — over who your Presidential candidate was. You’d run up to someone and scream “Nixon? Humphrey? Wallace?” and if you got a wrong answer you punched and fought. Fifth graders!

    The teachers hauled us all (dozens of kids) back outside and the principal told us off but good. And that was it. In today’s environment, I can only guess what that would lead to. Suspensions or expulsions, mandatory counseling, drugs, criminal prosecutions, parental prosecutions, Childrens Services, who knows?

    Folks have been pointing out for years that schools are dominated by women now, and feminist women at that. What was once understood as boisterous boy behaviors that male coaches and male teachers molded has been pathologised today.

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