That’s the term these days for the new technology that the rest of the world is catching up to.

Businesses and churches are finding that the old ways they used to promote their business or ministry are just that, old ways. They’re no longer effective in reaching new clients or people.

How many times just in the past week have you gotten something in the mail that you tossed before you even opened it? That’s the problem churches have had for years in sending out mailings to new residents or even to their own members.

I never knew how much churches and businesses paid for these mailouts. Companies charge tens of thousands of dollars to produce high quality, full color brochures and newsletters that a large chunk of recepients never even open.

I’m doing quite a few videos and interactive cds for these churches and small businesses that are very effective and actually cost less than the full color newsletters.

Here’s what these interactive cds do. Place the cd in a computer and it automatically opens and displays what appears to be a website on the screen. Fully interactive buttons allow people to navigate to exactly the ministry or business they are interested in.

Click one button and you’ll see a video, click another for another video, click another button and be directed to the church or business website, click another and get a map with directions and phone numbers, click another button and it’ll open your mailbox program with the person’s name already entered in the “to” box.

These interactive cds are not only very cool and effective, but most people who receive these in the mail or are handed one as they leave the church or business are intrigued enough to run the program on their computer. These discs are also an invaluable tool in that if you ever need to make a presentation about your church or business, you can take the cd along, plug it into a laptop and project the videos and images on a conference room big screen.

I’ve been producing these interactive cds for several years and the feedback from clients have been incredible. And when they find out the cost is actually less than they would have spent on a full-color paper brochure they’re even happier.


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