The Wonder Years

Just after I posted my blog on the Wonder Years I ran across a news story out of Birmingham that ties into that ABC sitcom.

You may be familiar with the big trial of Richard Scrushy, the former CEO of Healthsouth. The story out of Birmingham is that one of the tv stations (not a major network affiliate) is airing a wrapup of the Scrushy trial every night at 10:30. The anchor who’s hosting the days wrap is Nickie Preede, a former B’ham reporter who once worked for Scrushy in the public relations department of Healthsouth.

There is also a member of the Memphis media who worked with Scrushy as a reporter for the Healthsouth television system. (wanna guess who?)

But I also remember another member of Scrushy’s team, a man by the name of Jason Hervey. Remember him? He was the annoying older brother of Kevin Arnold, Wayne, on “The Wonder Years”. Seems he and Scrushy met and apparently hit it off before Scrushy hired Hervey to head up the video department. I may be getting some of this mixed up, but I know Hervey worked in Birmingham at the Healthsouth headquarters and was actually the supervisor to the reporter now working in Memphis.

Hervey played a jerk on The Wonder Years and I understand he was pretty much a jerk to work for. He hasn’t done much of anything since Wonder Years except some voice over work.

By the way, my photographer got back from Little Rock today so I’ve been working on the marriage and divorce story for the churches in the ACTS Network. I’m almost finished with it, just have to burn the DVDs and get them in the mail tomorrow. Also have a meeting with a client to review a project that’s about halfway finished.

It’s midnight and I’m sleepy but I’ve got to get this piece finished and burned.


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