The White Media?

So, State Senator John Ford complains that the white media elite of Memphis is the reason for his problems in court. He has two families (that we know of) and splits time between his girlfriend and their kids, and his ex-wife and their kids. He also uses his position as a senator to legislate child support laws in Tennessee.

In today’s C.A. Richard Locker reported that Ford complained about white reporters not treating him fairly because he is black and that the organization should step in to defend him.

One question Senator Ford: What white media in Memphis are you talking about? Every television station in town has African-American journalists on the anchor desk and in the field as reporters. At least one tv station has a black general manager, one has a black news director, every one has black news anchors. There is no “white media” in Memphis. There is as much diversity in the newsrooms as there is in the community. This is not a matter of race. You have fathered children and have a responsibility to those children (which you say you deserve “kudos” for.

So what white media are you talking about? There’s only one country radio station in Memphis and I don’t think they’ve chased you down with a camera to ask you the questions.


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