Reality TV 101

I’ve been watching a ton of reality shows lately. All of the shows that have tried to one-up Survivor, the grandaddy of reality tv. Last night I watched the finale of Amazing Race 4 or 5 and saw they were starting the next A.R in just 3 weeks. Survivor stars anew in another week or so.

Pimp My Ride is a new favorite on MTV. I like American Idol for the first few weeks of each season, then I skip it until the last couple of episodes leading up to the finale. I’m not a big fan of the music these kids sing and don’t care to listen to it from the original artists, much less from wannabees.

I do like Nashville Star, which begins again on USA in a few weeks. These folks can sing, and write, and play instruments. By and large these country wannabees are much more talented than the kids on A.I. Some of them have been professional musicians before, singing backup for major recording artists. They can wail.

Apprentice? I like it when I watch it, but haven’t invested the time this season to get into it. Big Brother? Shamed to say I do watch it.

Other reality shows I like: Film School on the Independent Film Channel. Extreme Makeover, Home Edition, it’s a can’t miss on Sunday nights. Real World? Loved the first two seasons, don’t watch it now.

Tonight I found Big Break III on the Golf Channel. This season is for the ladies. Amateurs and former pros battling it out for a spot on the LPGA tour. I like it.

I’m watching, not just the drama, but the production values in these shows. I’ve picked up the rights to a local reality show which will air in Memphis this summer. I’ll tell you more about it later, but the initial reaction from sponsors and advertisers has been tremendous. I think it’ll have a little buzz surrounding it when it hits the air.


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