Super Bowl Ad Pulled

Well this is absurd. The Go Daddy tv commercial that aired in the first quarter of last night’s Super Bowl was pulled from a second airing by the NFL. The spot featured a gorgeous woman in a baby-doll t-shirt testifying before what appears to be Congress. She was asking for permission to run the ad during the Super Bowl.

During the ad, she suffers a wardrobe malfunction when one of the straps of her t-shirt comes undone. You don’t see anything, but I suppose some people found it to be titillating. I thought it was hilarious and one of the best commercials during the game. The “congressmen” were clearly out of breath, one of them even grabbed an oxygen mask.

The NFL saw it, called Fox and cancelled the second airing of the spot. Come on! I know last year’s game and halftime were an embarrassment, but let’s not overreact. Of course, I didn’t think the Andy Rooney spot that was axed before it ever aired would have been offensive to me or my kids.

The experts say Budweiser’s skydiver ad was the best. Also in their top 10 were the Career Builder ads with the monkeys. They were okay, but not that great.

My favorite was the GoDaddy ad, followed closely by the Ameriquest ad where the guy’s on the cellphone telling someone “you’re being robbed” while a store clerk mistakenly thought he was talking to him and sprayed him with pepper spray and hit him with a baseball bat.

My other favorites were the two featuring M.C. Hammer (got to hand it to a guy who pokes fun at himself not once but twice) and I also liked the FedEx ad with Burt Reynolds and the talking bear. Oh, and I loved the P Diddy ad which shows him making a Pepsi delivery truck the latest in bling bling.

I wonder if GoDaddy will be able to use it’s spots on any network ever again? Wonder if they might sue the NFL for cancelling it’s second ad. They spent an awful lot on production for just one run, and now that the Super Bowl is over, the ad may be out of date.


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