I found working for yourself that Fridays are pretty much a tough day to get anything done outside the office. I work a lot with churches and nearly every church I’ve dealt with takes Friday as the weekend since staff members and ministers are working on Sundays.

So Fridays have been good for doing paper work, billing, editing, writing and shopping. Today was a bit different since I interviewed a sales person to help with one and possibly two projects. Sales is one area I do not enjoy. I don’t mind meeting with clients and pitching the project or subscription service, but negotiating a tv deal is new territory for me. The person I interviewed this morning is very sharp and could very well take over the entire sales part of the big project.

I did shoot another project this afternoon but the setting sun was in the wrong place for a good shot with the background I need. Unlike working on a 5 or 6 o’clock deadline I was able to put the shoot off until one morning when the sun is either giving me the light I need, or will be behind the clouds.

I finished the third of 4 projects for one church late last night, it’ll run in the worship service Sunday morning. I sent out estimates on several other projects, one of which would send me back to East Tennessee for a week or so. That’ll be cool, this is a good time of year to be in the Smoky Mountains because it isn’t too crowded with tourists.

I’m also talking with freelancers in Little Rock about a project there that I don’t really want to travel for.

I’m still looking for one sales person to work on commission for a couple of projects, if you know someone.

Otherwise, I’m calling it a day.


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