When I said I was busy

I thought I was pretty busy, but now things have kicked into another gear. I’ve added more meetings to the rest of this week and still have to shoot 4 interviews for another project by the end of next week. I wrapped up shooting on the other project tonight and have to start editing tomorrow.

I am looking for some help now. Namely I need a couple of people to work on sales for a project that will go into production in March or April. It’s straight commission but could really pay good money for someone who can bring in a few advertisers. So if anyone reading this knows someone, let me know. I’m interviewing one person Friday and if that goes well I’ll need at least one more.

Have I mentioned that I am glad I turned down the job a couple of weeks ago. I thought about it today, about how I would be wrapping up my second week and would probably be regretting it. The money was going to be awesome but I wouldn’t have been happy.

Self-employment is great (so far at least). I’ve incorporated my business, learned the basics of accounting, web design, marketing, online advertising, and a few tricks with video editing. I also get to meet my kids when they get out of school, take them to church on Wednesdays, taekwondo on Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays, gymnastics on Tuesdays and also get to see them in their school plays, go to their class parties and I’m off on holidays. When the weather’s bad I can work in my own office, wear t-shirts when I go out, sweatpants when I stay in, I can go without shaving for a few days, go to the gym when it’s slow, take in a movie in the middle of the day, work with the tv on, eat lunch in my own kitchen, drink coffee out of my own pot through the day, and I haven’t once had to stand in the cold and rain on a story that I find un-interesting.

It does have it’s cons. I won’t be getting a check automatically placed in my bank account. And…well…there’s…

I guess I should have said con, singular.


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One response to “When I said I was busy

  1. David Weiser

    Looking at everything you gain by working at home, and measuring it against everything you lose, i.e. standing out in the rain or ice and snow and saying don’t go out if you don’t have to, and missing life in general, I say you have it made. Work your butt off at home, Jamey Tucker. It’s better than working your butt off 30 minutes away from home. Keep on trucking.

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