I have to admit, I didn’t think a jury would find Logan Young guilty of all three charges.

conspiracy to commit racketeering: guilty

crossing state lines to commit racketeering: guilty

arranging bank withdrawals to cover up a crime: guilty

I thought at most he would have been found guilty on the charge that he withdrew a large sum of money in small increments in order to keep the IRS off his tail. Prosecutors had enough evidence to prove that from the bank records. I didnt’ think they would be able to convince a jury that Lynn Lang’s word meant more than Logan Young’s word.

There wasn’t a person involved in this whole mess with a great reputation for trust, truth and integrity. Even the football coaches who took the stand kept their mouth shut until federal agents came asking questions. And if they were keeping quiet on the Albert Means deal, doesn’t that make you believe they were in on other “deals” with high school players. And if they were keeping quiet about one school buying a player, they must have been doing it too and buying other players. “I won’t tell on you, if you don’t tell on me. We’ll just let the highest bidder win”.

A UT friend and fan called me yesterday wondering what this conviction might mean to the Vols. Maybe nothing, it shouldn’t. Except the Bama lawyers who’ve been trying to get something on Fulmer and who’ve been trying to serve him with a subpoena since last summer will be even more aggressive in trying to bring him down.

Fulmer was a secret witness for the NCAA. He told investigators what had been going on in Memphis and who was involved. He even had an audiotape of Logan Young bragging about how the Means deal went down and how he had also “bought” other Memphis players for bama.

So now the Bama lawyers including Phillip Shanks and Tommy Gallion must want to bring down Fulmer even more. They’ve got some interesting dirt on him and say they can prove it. I get the impression they don’t want to just see UT land on NCAA probation, they want to bring down Phillip Fulmer, as a coach and a man.


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