Another busy day

I won’t be able to follow the kids who sign to play football today like I normally do. I have 3 meetings in Memphis before, during and after lunch. We’re moving along with the tv show that we hope to get on the air in June.

After that I have two interviews set up for the church project which will run during worship services Sunday. I will try to squeeze in a trip to the gym somewhere between it all since I haven’t made it this week.

By the way, last night I worked on the screenplay. I had been having trouble getting from one scene to the other with believable dialogue and transititions. The thing that slows me down in writing the screenplay is I want it to be perfect as I write. I’m creating it like I don’t intend to ever go back and refine it. That’s a mistake, I know. I read your supposed to just write it, then go back and clean it up. I have trouble doing that and a scene that should only take a few minutes to write sometimes takes days.

It’s a nice trip back down memory lane when I write. I have the soundtrack to the movie already picked out and I put that music on in the background and write. When I hit a wall, I can go back to the journals I kept when all of this was going on and read those thoughts. I only wish I had kept my journal on notebook paper during 1990-1992. I got a computer then and kept it all on floppy discs, those big 4 1/2 inch floppies that computers can’t even read anymore. Those years are gone.


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