Can’t buy publicity like that

The article from James Dowd in Saturday’s Commercial Appeal has kept me busy this weekend and today. I’ve had several e-mails and phone calls not only from churches wanting to subscribe to the service, but also from businesses that want video production.

In the past 24 hours I’ve pitched 4 video proposals and taken orders for 3 subscriptions. Not all of the subscriptions have come from people in the Commercial Appeal’s reading area.

I’ll be shooting a story in Memphis tomorrow with the Governor and Congressman Harold Ford. I’m sure I’ll be working elbow to elbow with some of my former colleagues, it’ll be good to see some of them again.

The story I’ll be doing is on the moral obligation of Christians and others to provide health care for the poor and indigent. There are two types of Christian churches in America today. The ones that put an emphasis on evangelism through witnessing and those that emphasize evangelism through works.

Southern Baptist churches and some Presbyterian and Churches of Christ seem to put a bigger emphasis on sharing the Gospel and trying to bring people to Christ through ministry. Methodist, Lutheran, Episcopal and Catholic Churches put more of an emphasis on helping people and trying to reach them with the Gospel by providing food and shelter.

It’s an interesting issue. What does Jesus want His children to focus on? He made it clear that we are to act as agents “for the least of these” and concentrate on good works, but He also said we are to carry out the Great Commission of spreading the Gospel around the world “He who has ears let him hear”.

It should make for an interesting story and an interesting day.


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  1. MM The Watchdog

    Just stay away from me if you bump into me out in the field.


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