Best Show of the 90s is Back

When I first got into the news business at a bonefide network affiliate, one of the hottest shows on television was Murphy Brown. Not only was it simply one of the brightest, funniest and most insightful sitcom on television, it may have been the best tv show of the ’90s.

Perhaps the most realistic sitcom in tv history, Murphy Brown blurred the lines between sitcom and real-life. Even the Vice President at the time, Dan Quayle helped blur the lines by criticizing Murphy Brown (the character, not necessarily the tv show) for “glamorizing single motherhood”. And remember what happened later? The shows producer used news clips of the Quayle comment in response.

Well, after 10 years Murphy Brown is back. Nick at Night has added the show to it’s lineup and debuts it this week with a MB Marathon.

For someone who was had just started anchoring the evening news for a CBS affiliate when this show was on, seeing Murphy, Frank, Corkie, Jim and Myles is a welcomed sight.

Way funnier than real television news too.


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