Great day today. If God is confirming to me that I made the right decision about not taking the job, I’m getting it loud and clear.

My phone has been ringing steadily since Monday. I’ve had a calls about producing several different projects and will be meeting with these folks in the next couple of weeks. I’ll tell you about them when I can, but they’re good.

I’ve also gotten about a dozen e-mails from churches wanting to subscribe to the ACTS Network. In talking with a church administrator, he’s not surprised since the new budget year has just begun, they’re finally able to do something.

I had three meeting with churches today and one with a production company, I have t two others tomorrow.

I hope to get some work in on my screenplay this week. The last two nights I’ve been working past midnight with no time to write. I dug out an old book from the mounds of boxes in our rental house garage.

It’s called “How To Write a Movie in 21 Days”.

I didn’t get pulled into buying the book because of it’s tabloid style title, it came highly credited with helping screenwriters get the process started and setting clear deadlines for getting from point a to point b.

I started re-reading it the other night and it makes a lot of sense. I’m to the point in the book where you’re supposed to read a few pages and then put it down and write what they tell you.

I hope to get ahead on some of my projects so I can give it a shot this week.


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