Hot Wives, Not-So-Much Husbands

Did you ever notice how Hollywood loves to make a couple of out of good looking actress and a dumpy, dorky, nerdy, fat or otherwise just ugly actor?

Family Ties

Meredith Baxter Birney- hot

Michael Gross nerd

According to Jim

Courtney Thorne-Smith hot

Jim Belushi fat

Still Standing

Jamie Gertz hot

Mark Addy fat

The King of Queens

Leah Remini hot

Kevin James fat

Yes Dear

Jean Louisa Kelly hot

Anthony Clark nerd, sissy

Grounded For Life

Megyn Price hott (no misprint)

Donal Logue dumpy

CBS seems to love these unattractive leading men so much, they even gave Bob Newhart two gorgeous wives.

The Bob Newhart Show

Suzanne Pleshette hot

Mary Frann hot

Bob Newhart nerdy and doesn’t seem to even smile in the bedroom scenes

Everybody Loves Raymond

Patricia Heaton way hot

Ray Romano doofus with a big nose

I’m sure you can think of others, but here’s the hard question. Name a show where the good looking actor is paired with a homely woman.

Good luck


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