John Wayne

So I’m watching one of my favorite John Wayne movies, “The Shootist” which also stars a Richie Cunningham looking Ron Howard.

It’s one of only a few John Wayne movies in which his character dies, the other one I can remember is “The Cowboys”.

It started me wondering what other actors had their character die in the last movie before their death. I can think of only one other, Jackie Gleason who’s character Max Basner dies in “Nothing In Common”. Gleason played the dad of Tom Hanks and he’s dying of cancer.

I’ve asked the question to people before but no one can think of anyone else. I’ve tried to research it a few times, but there’s no easy way to find that information on the internet.

One friend suggested Audrey Hepburn, who’s last film role was as an angel in “Always”, but that doesn’t count because her character is already dead.

So think. Think hard, and leave your comments.



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3 responses to “John Wayne

  1. Bevan

    One of my favorites was Brandon Lee… although, he died while filming the movie. Is that outside of the criteria?

  2. jamey tucker

    It does as long as the script called for his “character” died in the film too.

    hey, thanks for checking in

  3. Bevan

    I check in every once and a while to see what you’ve been up to. It’s a great way to give you your time to work and still keep involved with your writing.

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