Rain Dog

Last night I went searching through a few boxes looking for something I hadn’t seen in about 15 years. It’s a couple of old spiral bound notebooks that used to sit by my bed in the house I grew up in, my college dorms, and 2 apartment complexes.

Girls call them diaries, guys call them journals.

I started writing a journal on December 1, 1982 when I was a senior in high school. The idea came from Bob Green, a columnist for the Chicago Tribune.

I kept it pretty faithfully off and on for 8 years. Nearly every night I would jot down whatever happened in my life that day. Most of the time, it had to do with girls, basketball and (later on) job searches.

I went looking for the journals because I’m working on my screenplay again. A friend of mine, photographer and film director/actor Bevan Bell has told me his film company wants to make Rain Dog their second project.

His first project from Rusted Sun Films is the critically acclaimed “A Cowboy’s Silver Lining” that was the feature presentation at last falls’ Memphis Indie Film Festival.

Bevan’s a good friend and I’m flattered he even remembered me telling him about Rain Dog several years ago when he was working on “Cowboy”. I hope I can stay after it and get it done.

My old film professor from Carson-Newman College Dr. Gerald Woods once told me he loved the idea and the name and the story and thinks it could be a marketable romantic comedy. I’ll let you all know how it’s going.


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