Happy New Year

School’s back in session. So’s gymnastic practice, karate class and, new this spring!, Tennis practice.

We’re busy with stuff, like everyone else. Cameron’s ready for the house market to pick up and I’ve been waiting to hear from the Memphis company about a possible job.

The really exciting news here is that we are looking at houses again. We’ve found two that we like, one is being built now and is about 60 days from being finished. It’s in a neighborhood that we sorta like, but it’s a great house. 4 bedrooms, a media room, a huge office (for me) and a big gameroom for the kids. The downside is the bedrooms for the kids are on the small side (not trailer park small, just a little smaller than we’d like).

The other house would have to be built. The builder (who we are renting from now) builds great houses and this one is sweet. It’s in another neighborhood that we sorta like too, (maybe a little better than the other one). The downside on this one is that it has a small office (for me) and no media room but a larger kitchen and bedrooms. Lauren loves this house because the room she would claim has it’s own bathroom directly off of it.

The builder is on vacation for another week so we’ll meet with him when he gets back and talk about price and such. It’d probably not be ready before June though and we’re really tired of paying rent and living in this small house.

I’ll take a few pictures of these houses so you can share your opinion.

The job sounds great. I’ve interviewed with them 4 times already and still have to go back for one (possibly two) more.

If I get offered this job and take it, I’ll keep building the ACTS Network.

I’ve gotten great feedback from churches and continue to get email from them wondering how to subscribe. I’m confident it’ll take off, I just don’t know when it’ll pay for a living.

RainDog Pictures is keeping me busy now. I’ve got a project with a counseling ministry (the second project with them) and with a church beginning a stewardship program. Their first video runs in tomorrow morning’s service.

The weather here has been cold and rainy so the kids are climbing the walls and driving us crazy. For our family who was at Christmas in Charlotte, I’ll be working on a video soon to share with you all. It’ll be a pretty big production so it’ll take some time. If you took any pics there, e-mail them to me so I can include them in the video. Especially send the photos the kids took (and include the bad ones).

Check back on this blog, I’ll update it daily.



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  1. David Weiser

    Hi there Jamey Tucker. It’s always good to hear what you’re up to. I believe luck is the residue of design, and the way you’re going, it sounds like plenty of luck is coming your way. Hope the news from Guardsmark is good and I can’t wait to here more news about the new house.

    Check out http://www.commissionergimpy.blogspot.com

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